Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Google and Oracle make further moves in education

Both companies have recently announced new initiatives for education. Google have partnered with a number of educational organisations (mostly US based) to provide examples and advice for teachers around a number of their tools. They now have a specific website for educators bringing together the tools and content.

Meanwhile the Oracle Academy has a new curriculum for secondary school students in advanced ICT, and new training materials for teachers. There is an overview (PDF) posted on the site. It seems like a more formal approach to complement the existing informal learning project I previously blogged about, Thinkquest.

Photo by Marvin.


Yishay said...

But does Google's initiative have any substance to it? To me it looks like a poor packaging of existing resources. Any teacher who can use this is already using these resources regardless.

Lexa said...

I suspect that not all teachers are fully aware of the range of tools offered by Google, and I welcome their initiative to obtain and disseminate practical examples of using the tools in education contexts. However, tools-wise, these are certainly not new, and are just repackaged versions of existing ones.