Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Right to Education

In Western Europe, we have the luxury of having an almost universal right to education. In the rest of the world, it's not necessarily the same. Peter Hyll Larsen has just launched a new website for the Right to Education Project.

As the website says, "the Right to Education Project aims to promote social mobilisation and legal accountability, looking to focus on the legal challenges to the right to education."

Take a look...

AEC-NET conference presentation and paper

I'm presenting today at the Asia-Europe Classroom conference. It's going to be a really interesting and fun event! The projects up for awards look very promising too. Download my conference background paper and the Powerpoint (2.3 MB zip archive, includes videos).

I showed these two videos as part of the presentation:

Friday, December 12, 2008

EMINENT conference on ICT in education

EMINENT, European Schoolnet's annual conference for ICT in education policy makers just ended successfully last week. The two-day event brought together around 200 experts from European member states and beyond.

Particular highlights for me were:
It's especially good news for Turkey, as they only became a member of European Schoolnet this year and are already winning prizes!

For more about EMINENT, check out the blog and the podcast.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Glance at a country: Malaysia

I'm about to leave for Kota Kinabulu in Malaysia for the Asia-Europe Classroom Connect conference, so I thought I'd take this chance to make another country focus, this time looking at Malaysia.

First of all, an example of classroom practice in a Malaysian school, as part of the Asia-Europe Classroom project. The project links schools in Asia to their counterparts in Europe using ICT.

Schools using ICT in Malaysia are part of the Smart Schools programme. Take a look to learn more about the status in 2007 and plans for 2008. Also, this article from Digital Learning India gives a great overview of ICT in education in the country.

I also came across this Smart Schools promotional video - including possibly the world's first song about ICT in education!

Other developments are ongoing in Malaysia, and the
Asia Open Source Software project just held it's latest workshop in Kuala Lumpur. THe AsiaOSS project also provides the Asia OSS wiki including all kinds information about the project, including learning materials and details on the working groups.

Finally, take a look at One School, a portal of learning resources, including flash cards, revision notes, homework help and free reference books tailored for the Malaysian school system. It's all available in English.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Great Plant Hunt

Another really cool science project from the BBC!

"The Great Plant Hunt invites school children aged 5-11 to explore the natural world around them in a series of activities, all clearly linked to the primary science curriculum." It encourages students and teachers to get out of the classroom, and take a walk around local green spaces to learn more about the plants that grow there. Learning activities are provided for all ages of primary school children.

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Stimulating interest in IT among young people in Europe

Many young people in Europe think that IT careers are dull and boring - but at the same time they are avid users of IT tools, whether on the web (like Facebook, Flickr, etc.) or via games consoles (e.g. Playstation 3, Nintendo DS Lite). I presented about this topic in Thessaloniki, Greece at the e-Skills conference.