Wednesday, March 17, 2010

French reform to science and tech curricula

Like most EU countries, France is suffering from falling interest in science and tech studies and careers. In addition, the curriculum had not been revised in these topics for some years. The French Ministry of Education and Research has just published information on a reformed approach to science and tech teaching and learning. Most documents available are in French only, but here are some of the highlights:
  • Science and technology subjects will be easier to combine with languages. In the past, only one language could be studied together with science. Now students can choose two - exactly what I wanted to do back when I was at secondary school...
  • Science and tech will be organised in several sub-topics according to whether you go for 'science and industrial technology' (comprising technology innovation and eco-design; digital information systems; energy and sustainable development; building and architecture) or 'laboratory science and technology' (including biotechnology and applied physics and chemistry).

The curriculum looks really interesting and modern - however, where is biological and life science in this framework? It seems that it has been totally separated from the other sciences, which seems to be a mistake when sustainable development and eco-design relies on a fundamental understanding of these topics.

More information (in French)


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