Thursday, February 18, 2010

eTwinning: explaining teacher cooperation in animation

We've been releasing a lot of clips recently at European Schoolnet, and one I'm especially pleased with is this one for eTwinning, done together with Dog Studio. The idea was to make a short clip that explained, with no words, what eTwinning is about. The team did a really great job.

Watch the clip, and see if you think it explains the project!

Visit the eTwinning website to know more and get involved in school cooperation projects


wetzel said...

Hi Lexa. My name is John Wetzel. I'm using this comment as a way to contact you. I don't expect the comment it to make it to your blog, but please write to me at I am the creator of a very large work for premedical education at, the WikiPremed MCAT Course. (The MCAT is the entrance exam for United States Medical School) It has taken many years to create this learning program, which covers college physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology in a unified curriculum. In the context of United States educational practice, the WikiPremed MCAT Course improves both the accessibility and quality of MCAT preparatory services. If you investigate the WikiPremed MCAT Course you will find that it is an enormous work. Everything is available without registration including a treasure trove of learning materials and over 100 hours of course video. Basically, I am writing because I have a good network of contacts in United States education and I am very interested in learning more about the eTwinning program, whether it has reached beyond Europe, as well as having a person to ask questions about European educational practices. I would greatly appreciate your correspondence. All the best. John

Lexa said...

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch! Your project sounds really interesting. I'll drop you a line by mail.