Friday, September 11, 2009

How Can ICT in Education Excite Girls and Boys?

"Look at any ICT-enabled school classroom, and there is often a greater excitement for the technology with boys than girls, which by middle or secondary school, can translate into ICT tools being an exclusive domain of boys, excluding half the learning population from their benefit. How can technologists and educators design more gender neutral, or pro-female ICT-enabled learning experiences?"

This is the opening statement of the latest discussion on the UNESCO/InfoDev Education Technology Debate. Brooke Partridge (CEO of Vital Wave Consulting) and myself are the opinion contributors in this debate. Join in and contribute your thoughts!

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don said...

elearning tools should help as there are many options that you can use... :)

learn quran said...

Informative!We can use many options through elearning tools.

Coach hire said...

Number of options to choose from, that is right...Thank you for the post though, i studied all and I liked it.

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Free Quran Lessons said...

Elearning is really helpful, number of options to choose from, beneficial for everyone out there
Thank you for your post though
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