Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nanotechnology in the classroom

Students in Europe often complain that they are learning about the science and technology of yesterday, rather than cutting edge issues, which they find more exciting.
I’m working on a new, major EU project, Nanoyou, which aims to help teachers get support in bringing the latest nanotechnology R&D in energy, environment and medicine as well the surrounding ethical and social issues to their students. It’s a huge project involving Spanish, French, Belgian, Austrian and British partners, led by ORT Israel.

Nanoyou kicked off on Monday 27 April in Tel Aviv, Israel, and over the next 27 months, the project will create and test new toolkits for teachers at lower and upper secondary level, an online game on the topic, exhibitions in science centres and much more.
Teachers who are interested to get involved, should contact me at European Schoolnet at alexa.joyce@eun.org.

Image credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³


Anonymous said...

That's why they're always falling down in their adult life if they're complaining about learning the Science of yesterday. The youth of today? need to learn about yesterday? to progress to their tomorrow. Let's pose the question to them? how are you going to walk before you crawl or run before you walk? or even fly after both when you don't know that you came from..... Yesterday??!!!!

Lexa said...

I agree we need to learn from past mistakes to go forward. I think though that this is the role of history lessons, personally. At the moment, we give a distorted view of science by focusing on teaching history of science, rather than science method/way of thinking. If we carry on like this, Europe won't have any scientists in the future.